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  In 1969, Neil Armstrong, the first person who took the historical step onto the moon, left an impactful message for people; 'That's one small step for a man, but a gigantic leap for mankind.'

  Pocheon IPP was founded in 2013 based on technology of Daewoo Engineering & Construction developed throughout numerous experiences in building power plants in local and overseas sites. In order to grow into a global consolidated energy company, we are taking historical first step with Pocheon Combined Cycle Power Plant just like that of Neil Armstrong .

  The executive and staff members of Pocheon IPP aim high with clear vision and passion which allow every member of our organization to step strongly toward achieving the goal.

  The entire staffs of our company are focusing our capacity on building eco-friendly plants using clean energy to provide high quality electricity enjoyed by the local community. We ask for your continuous interest and support for Pocheon IPP in order to grow as a leading energy company in the near future.
Thank you.