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  Thermal power generation is a electricity generating method by burning fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and gas that generate heat which boils water in the boiler, and this water creates high temperature and high pressure steam. The steam goes through the turbine of which the shape of a multi-layered propeller that makes high speed turning force (3,600rpm) that rotates the generator connected to the its axis. There are many types of thermoelectric power generation methods including steam power, internal combustion power, combined cycle power, thermal power and etc.

  Combined cycle power in particular, executes the gas turbine generation first and then practice steam turbine generation in order to enhance heat efficiency. This power generating steam is produced from the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) which collects the heat remaining in the high temperature exhaust that is emitted to air from the gas turbine.

  Today, the thermal efficiency of the combined cycle power has exceed 60% and its technology is continuously under development and is expected to produce a more efficient equipments in the near future. Other than the aforementioned technology advancement, Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) and fuel cell combined power generation are constantly being researched and developed.

  Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) is a system that produces and supplies heat and electricity simultaneously from the same source of fuel for energy efficiency. Combined heat and power reuses the steam from turbine exhaust as heat energy for efficiency.

  Thermal energy is divided in to Topping Cycle and Bottoming Cycle by order of use. Topping Cycle uses the steam produced by fuel combustion primarily for power production, then uses the surplus heat for thermal energy. Bottoming Cycle uses the steam for heat energy, then uses the remaining and the waste heat from industrial process for generation of power.